Infant Massage Package


The Infant Massage Course is a 4 part progressive class. Massaging your baby is a gentle, loving way to connect with your child while helping smooth their transition into the world beyond the womb.



The benefits of incorporating massage into your baby’s regular routine are immense — ranging from improved digestion to deeper sleep, relieved stress to increased awareness and physical development. Further, infant massage helps parents better understand their child’s non-verbal communication which helps build mutual trust and deeper understanding, fostering an even stronger, more intimate and confident bond between you both.

To register, pay, and enroll please do the following:

  1. Select Infant Massage Package located on the Educational Classes menu on my website
  2. Register and pay for the class.  The cost of the 4 classes is $80.00 total per family
  3. After you register and pay, you will receive 4 credit coupons each worth $20.00
  4. Go to the Calendar on my website and click on the class day and time you wish to sign up for. Every time you sign up for a class it will use one of your prepaid coupons.  *YOU MUST SIGN UP A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS BEFORE THE DAY OF THE CLASS TO ATTEND. 
  5. It is highly recommended, but not required that you finish the 4 class series within 8 weeks to receive the most comprehensive benefits for you and your child.


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