Infant Massage, Parent / Baby Education   

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Infant massage is a gentle, loving way to connect with your baby while helping smooth their transition into the world beyond the womb. The benefits of incorporating massage into your baby’s regular routine are immense — ranging from improved digestion to deeper sleep, relieved stress to increased awareness and physical development. Further, infant massage helps parents better understand their child’s non-verbal communication which helps build mutual trust and deeper understanding, fostering an even stronger, more intimate and confident bond between you both.

My courses are taught in a 4 Class Series. This gives both the parent and baby time to learn and become comfortable with the massage. Each week parents learn strokes for a new part of the body while reviewing strokes from previous classes. So new strokes are learned and previous information is reinforced.  I teach a little at a time to ensure that you are confident with every aspect.

The strokes and styles of baby massage are easier to grasp when demonstrated by an experienced instructor. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why baby cries, baby’s body language, positioning of the baby, specific techniques to help relieve colic, constipation and other digestion discomforts, relaxation and parent empowerment are some of the skills and topics that will be discussed.

The environment of this class is relaxed and laid back, allowing you to spend quality time with your baby in the supportive company of other parents while learning a new, fun skill for connecting with your child. Partners or other primary caregivers are welcome to come as well! Handouts and massage oil will be provided.

Benefits of Infant Massage Therapy

  • Creates Deep Bonds Between Parent & Baby
  • Provides Nurturing Touch For Baby and Parent
  • Enhances Digestive Development Which May Provide Relief From Colic And Other Digestive Issues.
  • Helps Baby Sleep Better, Deeper, Longer
  • Promotes Better Communication, Confidence, Trust & Respect Between Baby & Parent
  • Facilitates Healthy Weight Gain In Pre & Full Term Infants
  • Stimulates Brain Development & Improves Sensory Awareness And Motor Skills
  • Promotes The Healthy Development Of Your Babies Mind, Body & Spirit

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Frequently Asked Questions

I always encourage Parents and Caregivers to use Nurturing Touch with the child as soon as they are born. However, because Infant Massage itself is composed of specific techniques I would suggest, generally speaking, using the three-week old starting period to enroll in a class for full term healthy children.

*Specialized massage techniques can be used from birth with babies born prematurely or with other special needs to help them thrive and arrive home sooner. These techniques should be taught to the parents and caregivers by a Licensed Massage Therapist certified in Infant/Pediatric Massage to ensure the best treatment results for the child.

3 weeks to pre-crawling is ideal for full term healthy infants.
I encourage both parents and anyone else who will be a main caregiver in the Infant’s life to participate in Infant Massage classes. This gives your baby a chance to bond with each parent in his/her own way. Each parent often develop different styles and unique ways to interact with their babies, and these classes are a great opportunity for both parents to form a lifelong bond with their child.
4-Week Group Class = $99.00
4-Week Private Class = $125.00
We like to introduce babies and their parents to Massage at their own pace. We watch their cues and introduce new strokes gradually, week-to-week. During our Infant Massage classes, you will be introduced to new information each week and build on previously taught techniques. Classes are designed to build relationships between parent and baby to instill trust and create positive associations. Long- term training sessions also encourage engagement between parents fostering opportunities for ongoing support and friendships long after the classes are over.
Bring any items that you normally would when going out with Baby to meet your needs. There will be massage oil and pillows provided in class.  You may want to bring an extra blanket for baby to lie on.
A baby’s sense of smell is very strong. Using any fragrance near a baby before at least one year of age is not recommended as it can interfere with the bonding process. The baby will be searching for the parent’s natural smell to identify with them. Essential oils can certainly be added in later as the child grows. However, due to the extreme sensitivities of children and the fact that individual reactions will vary, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider and a knowledgeable essential oils distributor to determine what is right for your child.

Registration & Refund Policy

Class size is limited and registration space is granted on a first come first served basis. There is no registration deadline. Full payment is due at the time of registration. When I receive a registration I will send a confirmation email.

A full refund, minus a $25.00 processing fee will be given upon request at least 1 week prior to the beginning of class. If a request for refund is made after the 1 week deadline, no refund will be issued at that time.

*Students may transfer fee to a future class if available.