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For all clients throughout all ages and stages of life.

Licensed Massage Therapist Paula Maybee accepts Lake Oswego & West Linn clients for her tailored Massage Therapy programs in her Lake Oswego headquarters. Paula specializes in Trigger Point, Swedish, Feldenkrais, Thai and Deep Tissue Massage, among other forms. As an educator, Paula teaches parents about Infant Massage through her education classes. The countless ongoing education hours she has attended in her almost ten years as a Licensed Massage Therapist empowers clients to have new experiences with healing touch.

Massage Therapy Services: For Clients

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General Therapy

Lake Oswego and West Linn clients needing healing touch in their lives for any reason should schedule with Paula Maybee. Massage Therapy has dozens of known health and wellness benefits, and is incorporated successfully into coordinated health regimens for numerous conditions. Make an appointment with Paula today.

Infant & Pediatric

Paula recommends West Linn & Lake Oswego babies to start Infant & Pediatric Massage Therapy generally from three weeks of age and up. She develops a personal Massage Therapy plan based on your child’s needs and response to healing touch. A child who grows up with Infant Massage Therapy experiences numerous health benefits and social advantages during their development in areas from special needs issues, stress, depression and anxiety management, injury recovery and much more.

Hospice & Palliative Care

West Linn and Lake Oswego Hospice & Palliative Care teams work with Paula Maybee to incorporate Massage Therapy into a patient’s end of life treatment. Massage Therapy is an anxiety, pain, and fear relieving treatment that uses healing touch instead of pharmaceuticals.


Lake Oswego and West Linn seniors seeking to add healing touch to their health regimen should consult Paula Maybee. Paula’s Massage Therapy treatments are customized for the needs of the most diverse American geriatric clients without overloading existing health plans or pharmaceutical loads.

Massage Education for Infants & Pediatric Parents

Learn Techniques for your Children

Infant Massage, Parent / Baby Education

Paula Maybee encourages Lake Oswego and West Linn parents to start Infant Massage Education Therapy at three weeks of age, which gives parents plenty of time to learn about their baby’s body needs. Babies and parents both benefit from Paula’s education courses: parents learn how to non-verbally identify when their children are happy or stressed out, and children develop a healthy relationship to boundaries and touch, among numerous other benefits.

Pediatric Massage, Parent / Child Education

Parents of West Linn and Lake Oswego children should call Paula Maybee when seeking Pediatric Massage Therapy. Paula’s treatments can help with the numerous physical and mental ailments that can manifest as babies develop.

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