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Just as adults do, children experience many situations that cause their bodies to exhibit symptoms from Stress, Trauma, Injury, Fatigue, Pain, Fear, Depression and Anxiety to name a few.

Come join us for this fun interactive class for children ages 2-5 where you will learn how to use Massage and Nurturing Touch to give your Toddler the many benefits it can provide including:

  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Improved Digestive Function
  • Improved Long-Range Cognitive and Emotional Development
  • Improved Development of the Myelin Sheath for better Motor Skills
  • Improved Sensory & Body Awareness
  • Increased Systemic Circulation Which Aids in Faster and Better Recovery from Injuries and Surgeries
  • Boosted Immune System By Stimulating Lymph Flow, The Bodies Natural Defense System
  • Reduced Stress & Fatigue
  • Relief from Migraine Pain
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Promotes Deeper Trust and Bonding with the Parent
  • Promotes Understanding of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Lubricated Joints and Increases Range Of Motion
  • Connects your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Provides An Enhanced Sense of Well-Being by Bringing the Body Back to Balance and Improving All of your Body System Functions